Five Search Engine Optimization Mistakes To Avoid

Are you getting results with your SEO campaign? If you are not getting enough traffic or failing to generate any conversions, it is time to make a few changes to the strategies you have been using. Here are five mistakes you might have been making with your SEO campaign.

Using Too Many Keywords

You might be tempted to reach out to as many different users as possible by targeting a wider range of keywords. It is best to narrow down your focus to five or more main keywords. You will be able to develop more quality content for these keywords and eventually rank higher for the most relevant keywords for your products or services.

Not Focusing On User Experience

Creating content that is filled with keywords is not a good experience for the users who visit your site. Focus on offering a good user experience for your visitors by providing them with the information they need and by making your website easy to navigate. Do not create content for the sake of adding more keywords to a page if there is no value to users.

Failing To Target Mobile Users

A lot of Internet users primarily use their mobile device to browse the Internet. You cannot ignore these users since mobile users might represent a significant portion of your audience. Make sure your site loads properly on mobile devices and optimize your content for this platform if you need to. If you have a brick and mortar location, make sure you claim your listing with Google Places and with Apple Maps to make your business easier to find for mobile users who are on the go.

Creating Low-Quality Links

It is important to get back-links to bring more traffic to your website and to boost your ranking in search results. However, getting back-links on the wrong sites could actually hurt your ranking. Google and other search engines take the quality and authoritativeness of a webpage into consideration to determine if a back-link should be seen as valuable or not. You can ask Google to ignore some back-links if there are low-quality websites linking to your content.

Not Using Social Media And Videos

If you look up something on Google, you will probably see results from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube among the top results. Social media has become a popular way to share information and this could actually be a great way to get more traffic. You can use social media to target popular keywords that your competitors are using since Google and other search engines will try to show fresh content from Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube videos besides regular web results. Consider using these websites to share content if you are not already doing so.

These five SEO mistakes can be costly but it is never too late to make a few changes to the strategies you use. Go over your SEO campaign and ask if you have been making any of these mistakes. In some cases it’s better to have a specialized company work on your SEO and marketing for you. We recommend Impactnext, who provided the information for us to use on our site and allowed us to share with you. You can visit them at or